Why I Love Autumn

Why I Love Autumn

September is here and I’m actually really excited.

We had a brilliant Summer in the UK this year and I made damn sure I made the most of it. Its’ been such a busy few months but I’m so ready for cooler weather, shorter days and comfort food.

My post today is some of the fav reasons I  ❤️ autumn.

The colours. It’s just such a pretty season. So many different shades of reds, browns and oranges, mixed with a few pieces of tan and mustard clothing makes for an awesome Instagram pic.

Pyjamas! Omg! Yes! … I’m one of those people who would literally live in pj’s if I could get away with it. It’s just too warm for cosy pj’s in the summer, so as soon as the cooler weather hits pj’s become one of my favourite outfits.

Socks. I hate showing my feet but socks and sandals are frowned upon. lol. it’s also a great excuse to show inner child with lots of cute and fluffy socks.

Cosy nights in are a must. With nice weather and long days, there’s always something going on and it’s so hard to stay in during the summer evening without feeling guilty. So as autumn sets in I can have a bath and chill night in, without feeling like I’m wasting my evening.

Candles. There’s nothing cosier than a TV night, cwtching up on the sofa with a big fleece blanket with candles flickering. Not to mention all the amazing fragrances around this time of year.

Boots, knee-high boots, ankle boots, Chelsea boots, high-heel boots, flat boots any boots! They’re my fav kind of footwear.

Halloween & Fireworks both great excuses for a get together.

Christmas is coming. as much as I love autumn it also means we’re getting closer to Christmas! One of my fav things is choosing a beauty calendar. Check out my Post to find some of this year’s Best Beauty Calendars for 2018.


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