We got a Puppy

We got a Puppy

Firstly happy Thursday everyone! I’ve got some really exciting news to share today.

WE GOT A PUPPY!! Yep that’s right we got a puppy.

If you had told me a few months back that we’d be getting a puppy I wouldn’t have believed you, but now she’s here and I can’t stop loving her.

EVERYONE MEET LOWIE… She’s a Dachshund x Pug (Daug)

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She’s 8 weeks old and bursting with energy and when she’s not running around like an absolute loon, she loves cuddles and snoozes to recharge her batteries bless her. I have so much love for this pooch in just 2 days, she is such a little sweetie but for someone so small she snores so loud… hehe!

That’s pretty much all we have at the moment but I cant wait for the next few weeks to see her personality grow. I will post back with pupdates every once in a while but for now why not pop over and follow to her very own instagram page. Lowieloves .



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