Pupdate One

Pupdate One

Welcome to Lowie’s First pupdate, she’s now just over a year old and still no sign of her calming down lol. She is as full of life as ever.

If you are new here, then let me just tell you a little about my gorgeous pup Lowie. Lowie is a Pug, Dachshund cross, born on 9th January 2016 in a litter of 4 puppies. She was originally with a family that owned another dog who did not take a liking to Lowie. Long story short this little cutie came home with us and hasn’t stopped barking since 12 April 2016 lol.

She’s now 12 months old and she is still a lunatic, there are a few rare occasions she will come and cuddle but most of the time she’s either chewing something or out the garden barking at birds, cars, children…. Her own shadow! Yep she’s scared of her own shadow. We have managed to learn a few tricks such as sit, paw, lay-down and high-five! and she is getting better at not pulling on the lead. We’ve also mastered toilet training for the most but we’ve had a few little accidents along the way. Everyday is different with her, you never know what she will be doing next. Thats pretty much it for this update but i will leave you with some photos.





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