Mini Stationery Haul

Mini Stationery Haul

have you seen my Instagram? I don’t know why but ever since I was a kid I’ve loved getting new pens, pencils, notepads and anything stationery related.

Going back to school in September was all about having THE brightest, funkiest pencil case and coolest pens I could find. I left school 10 years ago and I still can’t help digging out some cool stationery. I buy notepads, diaries, planners, pens, you name it ill buy it and if its on sale even better.

I went to Tesco last week to get some normal everyday bits and bob but the little kid in me made me go to the stationery aisle. I wanted it all lol, YES I am that weird. but in the end I opted for 2 note pads, 1 weekly planner, an 8 colloured pen and some magnets… because we all need magnets right? haha

Glitter Notebook

Glitter notebook front

Glitter notebook

I was bummed at first because I didn’t realise that one side had lines and the other side was plain, being left handed I usually write in books on the left hand side so my hand doesn’t get in the way but ah well I got over it, now I have a page on every page to doodle when I get side tracked and day dream lol. which I do a lot.

Blogger Notebook 

Blooger notebook Blogger notebook Blogger notebook


This ones pretty cool, its got 4 sections and seems as it called a blog planner, thats what I’m using it for. it has 4 sections so I can keep each category in a different section. which will help me stay more organised. I hope!

Study Weekly Planner


This one is more for people that are actually studying but when I looked at I I thought it would work for me because Im forever forgetting what I have to do and I use this as a daily ‘to do list’ it helps me keep on top of the things I have to do and I seem to get more things done this way.

8 Coloured Pen

Im forever loosing my pens and always like using different colours for headers ect.. and the pompom is just super cute. would be better pink but orange with do lol.

Cute Magnets


I’m always on the lookout for cute little notepads or planners, if you know of any that you think are must have let me know. x




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