I Finally did it!

I Finally did it!

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Hey Everyone!

Well, I finally did it. I’ve finally started my own blog ?

I have been contemplating doing my own blog for SOOO long and finally here it is! I did start a blog three years ago, on one of those free blog sites but I was never totally happy with it and was never very consistent. So here I am once again typing up my blog. Things I will be sharing with you all, will be my personal opinions and thoughts on pretty much anything beauty, fashion Food and Lifestyle, whilst sharing some of my personal ups and downs along the way.

I have never been good with time keeping but this time I am fully committed to writing at least one post every month. I will no doubt pop in a few other posts here and there ?

I thought for my first post I would start off with 15 random facts about me and my life, this is to give you readers a little insight about me and my life.

15 Random Facts!

  1. I am ‘fun sized’ … They say the best things come in small packages, being only 5ft 2ins I am always getting the short jokes.
  2. As well as being short, I also have tiny size 4 feet.
  3. I have one sibling, an older Brother who’s a right pain in the butt! We are different in every way possible. but I love him.. aww lol
  4. I am 100% a shower singer, I love a good sing song and when alone I will belt out the most uneasy notes, yet still some how think I am in tune with the song lol.
  5. Wow! we’re going to Ibiza, Wow! back to the island. Yep I LOVED LOVED LOVED the vengaboys, they were the best!
  6. I drive a little black MINI COOPER which I absolutely adore!
  7. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2011, It has been a long hard battle but I will not let it get the better of me!
  8. I have the BEST and most supportive friends & family EVER!!
  9. People think I’m stupid, Yep they’re right lol. I have absolutely no common sense what so ever and come out with some of the most outrageous statements, some of which are so funny I have yet to live them down. hehe.
  10. I love travelling. If I could be anywhere right now, I would be laying on some sunny island with a cocktail and a book relaxing.
  11. Christmas is my favourite time or year! I love all the lights, decorations, music & shopping at this time of year. Seeing the Christmas markets in town with some unique, quaint little stalls, spending hours at home wrapping all the gifts but most of all getting together with all the family on Christmas day.
  12. I am addicted to Capri-sun Juice drinks and was devastated when Tesco stopped doing the full sugar ones ?
  13. Currently my favourite TV programmes are The Only Way Is Essex, Empire & Orange is the new Black.
  14. Love spending time baking, The first cake/s I ever made were Welsh Cakes with my nan when I was around 7 years old.
  15. I am obsessed with nail varnish and will spend hours & hours painting them until I’m happy with them. I change my nail colour almost every other day!

So that’s it, Now you know just a little about me and what my blog is about. I hope you enjoyed the read and keep an eye on future posts!

In the mean time if you have any questions or requests please leave them in the comment box ?

love ya


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