Halloween – Sugar Skull Make-up

Halloween – Sugar Skull Make-up

OMG!! Halloween is here!.. I love any excuse to dress up and Halloween is just that. I’ve had a serious addiction to sugar skulls lately from nail transfers to note pads, if it’s got a sugar skull on it then I want it! So as you may have guess from the title, this year I decided to dress up as a sugar skull inspired from the Mexican day of the dead. The great thing about sugar skulls is anything goes, whether it be bright and colourful or black & white THEY ALL WORK.20151031_220159-e1449619182479

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To create this look I used;
White Smiffy’s FX face paint
Revlon Black & purple eye shadow
Black eye-liner
Self-adhesive gems
Black mascara
So I started off with applying the FX white face paint all over, I needed to apply it twice to get a fuller coverage. Next I did my eyes. I started with applying purple all around my eyes, right the way up to my eyebrows and the got a small amount of black eye-shadow and went around the outside to give a shadowing effect. Once I was happy with the blend between the black and purple I added the sticky gems all around the outside edge. I LOVE BLING!
Next I did my nose, I just used black eye-liner and drew two triangles and then coloured them in, then moved onto my mouth, again using eye-liner I drew lines from one side to the other and the joined the up with make it look like teeth.That’s the main part of doing a sugar skull done!
 For the chin and forehead I used my black eye-liner again and just made some random shapes. you don’t need to be to fussy here because this is what makes it your own. I also used some black eye-shadow just underneath my cheeky bones to give a little bit of definition and finished off with a little mascara.
Finally to complete the look I bought 3 artificial flowers from a discount store and glued them to a cheap plastic headband…… BINGO! you’re all done and ready to wow your friends at the next Halloween party.
Don’t forget you can have as much fun with or without colours to create a sugar skull, anything goes just use you’re imagination.  I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did, I would love to see your creations post them below x

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