Getting Personal

Getting Personal

During my time blogging on life with Leisha I have mostly posted about make-up, baking or my pup Lowie, never really going into any detail about the illness I’ve been battling behind closed doors.

In my very first blog post I gave 15 random facts about myself. One of them was that I have crohn’s disease. I’ve never really elaborated on that as I really don’t like to make a big deal out of it. I never like to think Crohn’s defines who I am but I guess sometimes it really does and I shouldn’t shy away from that but embrace it.

I’ve been wanting to elaborate on this subject for some time but I worried what people would think. Would they even be interested? but after hours of typing, deleting, then typing again and deleting again! I’ve finally decided to stop overthinking it and just type what comes to mind.  I’ve also had quite a few messages on social media asking why my blog isn’t always consistent. So I want to explain what’s been going on.

You may be asking yourself what is crohn’s disease? It’s a long-term condition that causes inflammation of the lining of the digestive system. Although that doesn’t sound like a lot, the physical and mental strains that accompany the disease really does take it out of me. Not to mention the numerous side effects from the cocktail of medication I have to take daily.

When I was first diagnosed roughly 10 years ago it was quite a ‘rare’ condition, I use quote marks because there are so many people around the world dealing with this disease but only in recent years has it become more commonly known.

If I’m honest I was extremely naive when they told me I had crohn’s disease. There wasn’t a whole lot of information available back then. My initial thoughts were. “I’ll be fine after the steroids” I genuinely thought that this was something that would sort its self out and id be back to my normal self before I knew it.


A huge part of my life has been my battle with Crohn’s Disease and other related issues that I have had as a result of having this autoimmune disease. So I have chosen to share my experience, own it, and use it to connect with others. Everyday is a new adventure trying to navigate treatments, triggers, good days, and bad days while still trying to live a normal life to the fullest. I want to include this on my blog as a way for me to document those adventures and let others who are going through these things know that they are not alone.


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