Fiver Guy’s Burgers

Fiver Guy’s Burgers

You’ve probably already heard of Five Guys and read lots of reviews lately, As the American diner Five Guys hits the UK,  with 41 branches already open, and 3 more due to open in the coming months, The UK has gone crazy for them.

I LOVE a good burger, so on Sunday afternoon Nick and I decided that we would try a branch that has recently opened in The Red Dragon Centre Cardiff to see what all the fuss was about!

It was pretty quiet when we arrived but I figured that was because it was late on a Sunday afternoon. The décor is definitely in a traditional American Style diner, with the red and white check tiles and the open seating booths. but it also had a very modern feel…. I know I know, that makes no sense right? but it definitely did have that old and modern mix just right!

Although the menu is pretty simple, a very happy employee took a few minutes to give us the run down. I loved the fact you could have ANY of the toppings at no extra cost, ( I should think so too, given the price of the burgers!) I ordered the Cheese burger (£8), Little Fries (£2.75) & a Regular drink (£2.50). Nick ordered Bacon Cheese burger(£8.75) Little Fries (£2.75) & a Regular drink (£2.50) at a WHOPPING! £27.25 I really did have high expectations.



After paying we were given a ticket with the order number and our drink cups to fill, at what I can only describe as something from ‘back to the future’ they had all the popular branded drinks but you could add things like cherry, lime, vanilla, apple etc… you could literally spend hours mixing them up, but me being the daredevil that I am, I went for a standard orange Fanta. ?

We sat for little more than 5mins before our order was ready and number was called.It all comes in a little brown paper bag with fries in one and burger wrapped in foil in the other, pretty normal so far?


I opened my burger to find it  looked like it had literally been thrown together from across the room ( the photo was after I levelled and tidied it up). My fries didn’t look very appetising either. As far a looks went my first impressions weren’t seeing the appeal but ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ as they say, once tided up it looked a lot more appetising and after all its all about the taste, right?

Lets start off with the burger, it had 2 beef patties, 3 or 4 slices of cheese, lettuce and fried onions all of which I ordered ? The taste was okay, it had plenty of flavour but to me nothing was special about it. Nothing stood out enough for me to say it was one of the best or nicest burgers I’ve ever eaten. My patties were dry, the cheese was the plastic cheap stuff and my onions were dripping in oil which made the bottom part of my bun soggy. hey, at least the lettuce had some crunch. My fries were a little soggy but quite flavoursome, Five Guys have two options, plain or Cajun seasoning. I wasn’t sure about the Cajun so I opted for plain fries with a small pot of the Cajun seasoning so I could try it. I’m so glad I did. The Cajun seasoning is a mild warm spice and turns a boring plain chips into quite a tasty little bite.

I can’t say I did not like my Five Guys, but I was definitely expecting a lot more. I thought it was like a glorified burger van, the quality of the food compared to the price just doesn’t add up for me. Maybe it was a bad day? who knows? but for me I won’t be returning to this particular Five guys in a hurry. :-  Also they didn’t even have peanuts! which five guys are crazy for? .. (they give free peanuts out for customers waiting for their orders and boast about using peanut oil for frying as its much healthier than other oils).

Have you been to five guys? have you been to this one in particular? leave your comments below if you have been and what you thought about it. maybe someone can restore my faith and excitement enough for a revisit in the future.




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