6 Reasons to Clean your Make-up Brushes

6 Reasons to Clean your Make-up Brushes

Are your make-up brushes looking a little grubby? do they part or clump together? Let’s be honest when was the last time you washed them,? days, weeks, months?

Not washing your make-up brushes can cause a whole host of skin problems and also dry them out making them brittle. Dermatologists reccommend you wash your brushes at least once a month and here I will give you 5 reasons why its so important to wash your brushes regulaly.


1. Bacteria Build up

Everytime you tap your brush into your favourite powder, bronzer or even eyeshadow your brush is not only collecting your product of choice but it will also be collecting dust particals in the air and  dirt, oils & dead skin cells from your face. This combination mixed with the warmth of your home environment is an excellent breading ground for bacteria to grow & multiply. If that isn’t nasty enough everytime you use a dirty brush, you are spreading that icky bacteria all over your face.


2. Skin Irritation & Acne 

As said above everytime you use brushes they are collecting all sorts of nasty germs and if left on them it will begin to dry them out causing them to be more abrasive on the skin. It’s like scratching your face and rubbing in all the bacteria they have been collecting over the past few week, months or even years. This will irritate your skin making it prone to red blotches and can even cause or spread acne. it will become an endless cycle of break outs.


3. Clogged Pores

Do you have deep pores? the problem could be made worse from dirty brushes, everytime you use a dirty brush you are rubbing all kinds of nasty into your pores this will cause the them become clogged and more noticeable.


4. Change Make-up Colour

Dirty brushes change the colour of your make-up and it will stop you getting the true desired colour. This will also make contouring blending very difficult to get a dramatic effect.


5. Poor Make-up Application 

As make-up dries it become cakey and clumpy. Without realising, dirty make up brushes will contaminate your make-up and leave for poor application, making it a lot harder to obtain that flawless coverage you desire.


6. Damage Your Investment 

Not washing your brushes causes make-up build up like mentioned above, over time this make-up dries out the brushes causing them to become rough and brittle. This will cause the bristles to dry out and snap just like the hair on our head (dead ends) When you clean your makeup brushes regularly, you are preserving them. The more frequently you clean them, the longer your investment will last.


Did this post help? How often do you wash your brushes?

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